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Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression

Today's commercial cooking environments, with the popularity of low fat foods, requires the use of hotter burning vegetable oils. This, coupled with highly insulated, slow-cooling appliances have increased the difficulty of extinguishing fires in these kitchens. Premier Fire Systems can design, install and maintain restaurant & commercial cooking fire suppression systems from manufacturers that will prevent and extinguish restaurant fires in these types of commercial cooking environments.

With our wet chemical systems, immediate fire suppression occurs as wet chemical agent is sprayed on hazard areas with special nozzles designed to give optimal coverage. Wet agent provides spanofication which quickly snuffs flames and prevents reflash. Our systems are capable of automatic detection and actuation and/or remote manual actuation. Additional equipment is available for mechanical or electrical gas line shut-off applications. All our systems are installed and serviced by highly trained and qualified technicians.

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